Solar Equipment

Adding a solar panel and charger to the top of your camper van or motor home offers you even more freedom for off grid camping. A solar panel will help replenish your leisure battery during the day when the sun is shinning, replacing some or all of the power used by your fridge or other electrical appliances. They are simple to fit and require little maintenance.

The size of panel you will need depends on how you use your van and the number of appliances you have running. But as a guide, if you don't use to much power (i.e just lights and small fridge) and drive the vehicle most days a smaller 50 - 100 watt panel should provide enough on a sunny day to keep you leisure battery topped up. If you will be parked up for a few days without driving at all or use more electrical appliances (i.e lights, fridge, television, radios, 230v power converters etc) a 150 - 250 watt panel will provide you with more power. 



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Solar Equipment
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Sterling Flexible Solar Panel
From: £267.30
55w (580mm x 540mm)
120w (1200mm x 540mm)
150w (1460mm x 540mm)
NDS Solarflex Panel Kit 55W + MPPT Control + Cable Gland
From: £231.75
55w (550mm x 540mm)
110w (1280mm x 510mm)
150w (1280mm x 680mm)
Solar Energy Kit with Sun Control MPPT + Gland
From: £330.57
85w (1320mm x 530mm)
100w Slim (1727mm x 416mm)
100w (1320mm x 530mm)
120w (1520mm x 530mm)
150w (1476mm x 676mm)
175w (1625mm x 676mm)
Victron Solar Panel 4a Monocrystal
From: £51.30
30w (560mm x 350mm)
55w (545mm x 668mm)
90w (780mm x 668mm)
115w (1015mm x 668mm)
175w (1485mm x 668mm)
Lightsolar Black Solar Panel
From: £307.00
105w (1000mm x 670mm)
105w (1018mm x 503mm)
195w (1488mm x 673mm)
MC4 M/F 2-Way Connectors Dual Pack
From: £14.89
2 Way
3 Way
4 Way